Where to Place Your Money in 2019? Our Advice


In recent years, interest rates have steadily declined. With the 0.3% drop in inflation, there is no longer any possibility of monetary compensation.


And that does not improve with the real estate crisis. For savers, in order to place money and hope to generate some interest or at best a small income supplement , it’s time to find other attractive investments for 2019 than these zero interest rates that banks offer us and who do not even cover the exorbitant transaction fees they pay us.


Where is the current situation?

Where is the current situation?


In 2014, the interest rate of the livret A was 1.25% and the experts in finance had forecast a decrease for the year 2015, they have seen the rate of the livret A is now of 0.75% in 2019 and the same will apply to the year 2019. The same goes for life insurance, which had an average return of 2.80% in 2015 according to the FFSA data, and a drop to 2.2% in 2019, especially if we expect about 15.5% of social security contributions and taxes on withdrawals. So where do you put your money in 2019? For the moment, life insurance remains one of the best investments.

What’s more, the ACPR is still announcing many years of crisis that is driving us to change the way we save, and encourages insurance companies to lower their interest rates. What is done for Macif with a decrease of 0.40% on yields, for AG2R La Mondiale, the decline is 0.30% to 0.40%.


What are the possible solutions for 2019?

What are the possible solutions for 2019?


With its 1% tax-free, the home savings plan is an interesting option, especially because of 15 years of guarantees. But you can also turn to diversified funds.

What’s more, for those who want to invest in the short term in 2019, an investment of more than 2% will not be risky with this inflation. But for those who invest in the long term, mainly for retirement, this rate is quite disappointing. To remedy this, they will have to invest a capital without guarantee.

And with the decline of the euro and oil, European stocks will make a comeback and you can bet on the stock savings plan (PEA). Others will certainly turn to US equities and bond funds to diversify portfolios. With respect to life insurance, turnkey strategies such as SCPI remain promising.



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