Which Online Banks Accept Young People The Most?




As we know, the younger generation spends a lot of time online, whether to watch videos on their favorite themes, to chat with their relatives via social networks or to research before buying a product.


But also, more and more, young people also want to be able to manage their finances directly and completely online. That’s why they are now turning to online banks. But, in this regard, which online banking groups are most likely to accept them? It’s time to take stock.



bank for young people


A connected bank for new generations


If you still see the younger generation as careless young people who spend their time surfing Facebook, sending themselves selfies on Snapchat or watching videos of any kind nearly 10 hours a day, it’s time to you make a reason: 18-25 year olds are much more than that.

Admittedly, they spend a lot of time online communicating with their loved ones through apps like WhatsApp, or they use the Twitch video platform to discover the top 5 best videos of their favorite games. But they are so much more than that. So, at a time when the younger generation wants to be responsible for its finances, it is time for online banks to adapt to their needs and trust them by passing by a more complete online operation. And the least we can say today is that not all banks are ready to make the same efforts.

Regularly, to help those under 25 find the bank that best suits their needs, some sites specializing in the banking sector offer to discover rankings of the best banks, online and traditional. In this area, among the good students of the moment ready to welcome new young customers for almost any occasion, in this year 2018, we find mainly Hello Bank !, Boursorama, Monabanq and ING Direct.

Indeed, these four online organizations are those that have the least requirement and can therefore more easily accept any type of youth, including students who do not enjoy a regular monthly income.


The peak of banks 2.0!

The peak of banks 2.0!


In fact, Hello Bank! seems to be, to date, the most suitable and economical solution for students. The bank offers a free current account until its client reaches the age of 25. After this age, it will be necessary to be able to testify of a monthly income of 1 000 euros minimum to open an account. For its part, Boursorama, which offers 80 euros to its customers when opening an account, has an offer tailored specifically to students.

Called Welcome, it does not impose income conditions and provides its users with a free current account that allows for the main daily operations. For its part, Monabanq offers 120 euros to its new customers, without imposing any minimum income to guarantee an opening of account. The online bank offers two offers with adapted services, at 2 euros per month or 6 euros per month. Finally, ING Direct offers students an offer at 5 euros per month (70 euros per year) to enjoy a Gold Mastercard.

Also, next year, La Banque Postale should be added to the list of attractive online banks for young people since the organization, which simply never refuses the opening of an account (even in the case of income very modest), plans to launch Ma French Bank , its online bank, early 2019. No doubt that the younger generation should find many benefits.

Conversely, young people will probably find it more difficult to open an account with BforBank, which seems to be the most demanding French online bank at present: to be able to subscribe to an offer within this organization, it is necessary to certify a minimum monthly net salary of 1,600 euros. Young people will have more luck with Fortuneo Bank, which requires a monthly income of 1,200 euros per month. As we can see, when it comes to online banking, young French people are spoiled for choice in a rather competitive market. It is now up to everyone to take stock of their expectations and their needs!



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